Our Service

There are several features of our system uniquely designed to enhance efficiency and effectiveness of your over-the-phone interpretation service calls. Some of these features are:

Instantaneous Answering Time

The MCS PSTN PBX telephone interpreter system has an instantaneous answering time. When you dial the local area code telephone access numbers provided by MCS, your call will be answered instantly. The average wait time, from the time your staff dials the local area code access number to request an over-the-telephone interpretation service, to the time an interpreter of your choice is on the line is about 15 seconds.

Service Hours

Whether clients use our automated system or opt for an operator assisted call, MCS over-the-phone interpretation service system is operational 24/7/365.

Dedicated Emergency 9-1-1 Service Call Lines

While other over-the-telephone interpretation service providers queue and prioritize emergency 9-1-1 calls ahead of other calls, MCS recognizes the growing need of non-emergency departments with equally high volumes of interface with LEP clients. As such, MCS provides designated emergency and non-emergency service lines to all clients who require it at no additional cost. Each service line will have its own dedicated interpreters as well as 24/7/365 operators to assist your first responders as well as your non-emergency departments. MCS believes dedicated service lines for multiple high-volume departments and service providers will provide fast and efficient service to all your departments.

Multilingual Communication Services

Multilingual Communication Services