Our Clients

Adulis Enterprises’ clients and partners are government institutions, individuals, Law Firms, specialized language companies, medical institutions and specific agencies that require interpretation and translation services. The following are some of the top partners, clients and institutions we are working with:

State of Maryland Courts

Our Interpreters continue to provide their services to State of Maryland Courts. Interpretation services are carried out with utmost efficiency, care and attention with the aim of conveying an accurate interpretation of verbal and oral statements by judges, petitioners, defendants, attorneys and witnesses. Adulis Enterprises Interpreters have a high level of expertise and professionalism, complemented by their high ethical standards, punctuality and politeness.

State’s Attorney’s Office for Montgomery County

Adulis enterprises provided translation and transcription services for State’s Attorney’s Office for Montgomery County. We have delivered our services to the agencies in timely and effective manner.

Compass Languages

Adulis Enterprises works in partnership with Compass Languages in interpretation and translation of East African languages. Adulis Enterprises’ partnership scope in working with Compass Languages is gradually extending and developing. Adulis Enterprises is committed to maintaining an ‘on time’ delivery of assignments as it has always done the past. We have the capacity to complete urgent assignments within strict time schedules and deadlines mainly due to a committed staff team who are always willing to work around the clock and under pressure.

Pro Care

Pro care company specializes in workers’ compensation cases and provides comprehensive medical transportation and language services. Our interpreters work in doctors’ offices, hospitals and assist ProCare clients by interpreting from the target languages to English.

Mongol Translation

Adulis Enterprises networks with a wide variety of Translation and Interpretation service providers. Mongol Translation is a Virginia based translation company that provides translation and interpretation services to different governmental and non governmental organizations. Our interpreters have appeared in courts and also at immigration offices, providing interpretation services mainly due to recognition of our quality services.

Alan Parra’s Legal offices*

Alan Parra’s Legal offices are located in the Metro Area of Washington D.C. and handle immigration cases. As an interpretation and translation company, Adulis interpreters have translated and interpreted several hundreds of documents for legal office clients. We have also appeared as interpreters for legal office clients on several occasions.

Yacub Law Offices*

Mr. Ivan Yacub and Mrs. Lynn Garfinkle are both very well known Immigration Attorneys in the Washington D.C. area. Our interpreters and translators have provided translation and interpretation services for Yacub Law Offices’ clients for several years.

Jack Herzig’s Legal offices*

Adulis Enterprises interpreters and translators have worked very closely with Jack Herzig’s Legal offices. These offices are located in Glenside Pennsylvania. Our interpreters have provided interpretation and translation services at Jack Herzig’s Legal offices in Pennsylvania and have also appeared with the attorneys at Lyndhurst Newark Asylum Office as interpreters. After one of the interviews, the Attorney from Jack Herzig’s Legal offices commented on the interpretation services provided by one of our interpreters, saying “Just a short note to thank you, you provided an excellent translation throughout a very difficult interview”

Bluman, Dunie, Burke & Feld Chartered. Bruce Blaylock’s Legal offices*

Bruce Blaylock’s Legal offices handle accident and insurance cases. Interpreters of Adulis Enterprises have served Mr. Bruce Blaylock’s Legal offices as interpreters when they were dealing with clients with a Limited English Proficiency. We also translated documents from the legal offices for the LEP clients.

Ashcraft & Gerel LLP*

Ashcraft & Gerel LLP is a large experienced legal firm that deals with personal injury consisting of approximately 40 personal injury attorneys, with offices in Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia. Their attorneys help injured people recover losses and damages resulting from malpractice, negligence, unsafe products, dangerous drugs, and work injuries. Adulis Enterprises served as interpreter for several worker compensation cases that were handled by this prestigious legal firm.

Phillips & Green: Meyer Richard S MD*

Phillips & Green: Meyer Richard S MD is an orthopedic-surgery Medical center located in Silver Spring, MD. Adulis Enterprises Interpreters worked for Phillips & Green: Meyer Richard S MD patients and also helped translate medical literature for Phillips & Green: Meyer Richard S MD clients.

Dr. Bruce Ammerman:*

Dr. Bruce Ammerman Neurosurgery practitioner in Washington, D.C. Adulis Enterprises interpreters have worked with both the late Dr. Bruce Ammernan and his son who is currently practicing neurosurgery in the same office. Our interpreters helped patients receive accurate instructions given by these medical offices.* Clients from these agencies hired Adulis Enterprises Translators and Interpreters to provide them with services at the above mentioned firms (law firms, medical institutions and others).

Multilingual Communication Services

Multilingual Communication Services