Batching is a unique feature in our system which groups together interpreters for a specific language based on their rating scores. Higher-rated interpreters will only be batched with other higher-rated interpreters, while lower-rated interpreters will be batched with lower-rated interpreters.

When an interpretation service call is made, all interpreters will receive the call, but only when one interpreter accepts the call will all other calls to the other interpreters within the batch be terminated. If no interpreter in the batch answers and accepts the service call, the system will simply move to the next higher-rated interpreter within the batch until an interpreter accepts a service call.

The number of interpreters per language within a batch is determined by MCS in consultation with our clients. We base this number on client call volume, peak hours as well as language/s. For example, a batch for Spanish language interpretation service may have seven interpreters, while for French language it may only have four interpreters.

Currently, the MCS interpreter database is configured with 15 interpreters per batch for Spanish language and 5 to 8 interpreters per batch for the remaining eight most-targeted and frequently used languages in the Greater Washington, DC area.

Batches can be readjusted in line with clients’ usage at any time.

Multilingual Communication Services

Multilingual Communication Services